Original Olive Wood Sculptures                                                    

About Us

Uri Kalfa, the Israeli olive wood artist, creates and sculpts original art pieces from raw olive wood from his workshop in Jerualem, Israel. All of his pieces are one of a kind originals, designed, created and executed by him. All his artwork is hand made. A great number of his pieces centre around religious psalms and songs, which he carves into the wood.

Searching for that elusive perfect gift to bring to your next simcha ?

Israeli-born artist, Uri Kalfa, has the ideal present. 

Uri's deep connection to Judaism and its heritage helps foster elaborate yet intricate designs that capture both the essence and the beauty of the Torah. His detailed works transform olive wood into vibrant works of art. 

Hand-crafted Mezuza covers turn the art of gift-giving into a pleasure. 
Other items available include:
Blessings for peace in the home
Prayer for the welfare of the soldiers of Israel
Prayer for health and well being
Prayer for income
Eshet Chayil ( a liturgical poem praising the woman of the home)

Whether a Bar/Bat Mitzvah, Engagement, Wedding, or housewarming gift, Uri's olive wood designs are perfect for every occasion.
Uri also does custom orders. 


Gallery of Work

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Uri Kalfa Art
27 Reuvain Shari Ramot 06, Jerusalem Israel 97246
Phone: 052 733 0608